Your Female DJ Drops in a unique British accent, tambien en español, custom DJ drops for your radio imaging, club gig, podcasts and mix tapes.
 We offer a fast turn around time, usually within 24 hours during office hours and provide high quality sound files in either .mp3 or .wav format.

Just choose what type of production level you’d like on your DJ Drop, dry – no production, voice effects only or full effects.

Fill in the form providing your script, and any particular artistic direction and we will bring it to life for you! Every single custom project is 100% totally unique to you. But if you need a little creative help or have a low budget we also have pre make DJ tags.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and you get credit for your work!

Female DJ Drops

Have your very own personalised and custom dj drop. No one else will have your sound. It is exactly your script that will be produced. Just add some artistic direction if you like. Available in Dry, Voice Effects Only, or Full Effects.

From $25

DJ Intros

Looking to kick start your radio show, gig or podcast? Personalised dj intros will make your entrance stand out from the crowd. Just provide the script and artistic direction if you have some. Available in Dry, Voice Effects Only, or Full Effects.

From $50

DJ Name Drop

Need a quick hype up, tag, shout out or DJ Name Drop? No problem, we will record just your name. A name tag makes it short and sweet and you can slip it over your sets and mixes nice and smoothly. Available in Dry, Voice Effects Only, or Full Effects.

From $15

Female DJ Drops

Need some creative assistance? Or are you on a tight budget? Go with the pre made DJ Drops. Just state your DJ name and city and it will be recorded in place of the examples you hear. Available in Dry, Voice Effects Only, or Full Effects.

From $25

Choose Your Level Of Production

If you like to produce your own tags or just want a clean sound, go for the ‘Dry’ option.

If you want a touch of vocal processing, go for the ‘Voice Effects Only’.

If you want the full sound experience, go for ‘Full Sound Effects’.

Check out the examples in the tabs to the right:

Payment Options

You can pay using your Paypal account.

Also Paypal can process your payment via your credit card.

female dj drops


Spanish DJ Drops

Estas buscando DJ Tags en español para sus gigs y programas de radio?

El processo es lo mismo.

Solo escribeme su guion en español y voy a grabarla dándole el sonido único que busca.

Have Confidence Creating Your Brand Imaging


  • Fast turn around time. (Usually within 24 hours during office hours.)
  • High quality sound. Files provided in .MP3 or .WAV by request.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Choose from 3 productions levels: dry, voice effects only, or full effects.
  • Tambien disponible en español.
  • Tag your work and get the credit.
  • Bring your script to life.
  • Every single custom project is 100% totally unique to you.
  • Pre made drops also available.
  • We are only happy, if you are happy!
Female DJ Drops


Professional & Prompt

We’re very happy with the vocal drops we received from Lesley. There was a quick turnaround time from when we first placed our order to when we received our drops. Any minor changes we requested were handled promptly. Professional quality drops and great customer service. Highly recommended!


Show opener

Lesley provided exactly what I asked for.
Would use her services again without question.
Thanks Lesley…..David (Hits & Memories, Wild Horse FM)

Mr. D

Dj Drops

just got awesome DJ Drops from Lesley Lyon . 
That was exactly what i was searching for 🙂

Thanks (Y)



I’m extremely happy Lesley’s vocal drops & customer service!!! She’s excellent with taking direction and extremely accommodating if I ever need small fixes or changes. Her sexy tone & distinctive vocal flavor are the perfect spice for my podcasts, mix tapes or letting the crowd at the club know who is behind the decks. Sound quality of her mp3s are always 320 kbps and crystal clear as well.

DJ James Vincent NYC

Brilliant Voice Drops !!!!!!

Just want to say thanks to Lesley for her amazing voice drops, I’ve used Lesley’s skills now a number of times and can’t recommend her highly enough. I will continue to use Female Voice Drops for use on my radio shows and DJ mixes.

Kevin Buchanan

The Baddest DJ Drop!!

This is my first British Female Drop and I must say I’m very very pleased and happy with it! This is a really great drop the effects and the VoiceOver is of best quality and the turnover is very fast! Just a Just a little over 24 hours from order time. I can’t wait to play it on my gig this weekend! Big thanks to Lesley and her production team.

DJ Odyssey

True professionalism

When approaching Lesley with a request for delivery on very short notice, she actually delivered within an hour! Now don’t expect she will do this everytime, but it shows how glad she is to turn your project into a succesful one if needed. 

Lesley provided me with a product that did not need any changes, as she asks the right questions up front. 

I’ll be making use of her services, without any doubt, again.